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SOLD OUT - DIF - 8/11/17 Go! 10:00pm (Natural Born Killaz, Kooky Pants, Local Spot, Messing With A Friend (Guest Sam Richardson))

261 E. 9 Mile Road, Ferndale, MI 48220

From $20.00


Natural Born Killaz (Ferndale, MI) - NBK is a Detroit-based duo. Jaclynn Cherry and Mike Smith played their first two-person set in 2014 when the rest of the members of their larger troupe couldn't make a show. Sparks flew, emotions ran high, and the rest was history. NBK's form is a series of character duologues and scenes. Contrary to their ridiculous name, the duo focuses on grounded scene work, playing with honesty and vulnerability.

Kooky Pants (Sacramento, CA) - Aeriel and BKooky Pants gets a song lyric suggestion from the audience and has the entire audience sing it together. The song fuels a two character scene and Kooky Pants explores these two characters and their relationship before introducing the audience to the other characters of that world. The fun of this show is the story and cast of multiple characters played by Aeriel and Betsaida; during the show they swap characters and continue with a slightly different and often hilarious interpretation of the other. Some scenes play like a fast-paced carousel of characters that will have the audience's head spinning. The set wraps up with an improvised song set to a randomized karaoke track.

Local Spot (Baltimore, MD) - Formed in 2015, Local Spot is made up of a mixture of new and old members of the Baltimore improv scene. This troupe of improvisors primarily performs the monoscenes in shows and festivals but loves to create new formats and concepts for special shows and events. Former projects consist of creating and debuting an improvised Old Timey Radio drama called Radio as well as an improvised murder mystery show called Gumshoe. Local Spot loves to produce explosive shows which force performers to make big decisions and deal with their aftermath without escaping in a swipe.  Local Spot anchors a regular Sunday show with the Baltimore Improv Group in addition to performing at other venues such as performances with PHIT and WIT. In 2015, Local Spot performed at the 2015 Philadelphia Improv Festival.

Messing With A Friend with special guest Sam Richardson (Chicago, IL) - Messing With a Friend is a joyful, uncensored, and improvised romp- through Hell. 



Go Comedy! Improv Theater
261 E. 9 Mile Road
Ferndale, MI 48220