Squadra Corsa & The Bone Stocks

1515 Broadway, Detroit, MI 48226

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6:00 PM - Squadra Corsa, 52 min

Every year, the Squadra Corse, a team composed of about 40 students of the Polytechnic University of Turin, designs and builds a racing single-seater, defying other university teams on race tracks around all of Europe. This documentary describes a season spent with the team from the point of view of three students. It is a tale about a project to achieve, the passion for engines, the desire to win, a working team that gradually becomes a group of friends, but also about the struggles, the failures, the disagreements and the difficulties of people who are facing for the first time a big challenge. A touching and exciting experience, that turns young students into adults, overcoming the usual prejudices on “women and cars” and on “the youngsters these days”. A run until the last race, when something that never happened in the history of the team takes place...  

7:00 - The Bone Stocks, 17 min


Set in one of Canada’s oldest racetracks, THE BONE STOCKS is a candid look at the inner workings of a community of amateur stock car drivers. Despite dwindling audience turnout and tough economic times, the Bone Stocks are still determined to keep tradition alive and fans on the edge of their seats. The film profiles some of the most passionate drivers as their season culminates at the annual Pumpkin Smasher, the intense and emotional final race of the year.

1515 Broadway
1515 Broadway
Detroit, MI 48226