The Art of Moto

1515 Broadway, Detroit, MI 48226

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9:20 - The Art of Moto, 1 hour 30 min  

A documentary film that puts you inside the helmet of a professional motocross racer and on some of the gnarliest tracks in the country. Fly through the air and rip up the dirt with the fastest and most renown riders in the sport. Find out how the sport began, evolved and eventually came to America. See the progression of talent, motorcycles, and tracks, that have made this sport one of the most spectacular sports known to man. Learn about the various racing organizations from amateur to pro, men and women from around the world. Experience one of the most difficult parts of the race up close and from inside the racer's helmet as forty racers converge into the first corner. This documentary on motocross covers all aspects, such as the ever changing aspect of dirt and how it evolves throughout the race.... what the top riders are thinking while they're out there jumping, hitting the turns, and trying to catch the guy in front of them. See the downside of the sport that comes with the unfortunate risk of death and disability.

1515 Broadway
1515 Broadway
Detroit, MI 48226