The Upside Down

204 W Woodlawn Road Suite D1, Charlotte, NC 28217

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The Upside Down

It's the holiday season and all is going well, that is until your new best friend Seven has been taken by the evil Hexavorgan monster into the Upside Down. You need to rescue her before she is lost forever.

You first start out in your friend Mike's living room searching for clues as to her disappearance. There seems to be a presence guiding you and helping you with clues in this room - maybe the lights on the wall will help you. You eventually find a portal into a secret underground lab, where the presence seems to grow stronger still. The lab is where you get your first glance into the Upside Down. If you can figure out how to gain access from the lab into the Upside Down, you can rescue your friend Seven from the Hexavorgan.

Your friends and family are counting on you to get Seven back to safety in time for the holidays.

Can you do it or will Seven be lost forever!?!?!


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The Upside Down poster
The Door Escape Room.
204 W Woodlawn Road Suite D1
Charlotte, NC 28217