CANCELLED: Waltstock Streaming Worldwide 2021

No upcoming date/times for this event.

Unfortunately, due to low ticket sales, this event has been cancelled and refunds issued in the full amount. Our apologies for the inconvenience and wishing you the best summer ever.


Refund Policy:

Oh no - you want to return your ticket? We'll miss you! Remember that with your ticket, you'll get a full playback of Waltstock Worldwide that you can watch anytime with your friends! If you still wish to receive a refund - please do so by pressing the Contact Event Organizer button and letting us know in writing by midnight, CDT May 7th, 2021. Thank you!

Cancellation Policy:

If for some crazy unforeseen reason, like a Texas ice storm in May happens - and the event is cancelled, we'll be in touch with you promptly to let you know your options. Thank you!