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A new telling (and re-telling) from Kerry McGee

May 24 - JUNE 17

at the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop


"A myth is never just one story."

The Greek Army cannot sail to Troy without wind, and Artemis won't let the winds blow without the sacrifice of King Agamemnon's daughter. As family ties square up against patriotic duty, the fate of the most famous war in history rests on the shoulders of Iphigenia. As the classic myth unfolds, the chorus attempts to unearth the real story of Iphigenia, and they will replay the events of that day as many times as needed to do it. Drawing from both Euripides and Racine, this new adaptation is a meditation on storytelling that blends classic tragedy with madcap irreverence. 


This performance will be the premiere of a new play.


Emilia Pazniokas & Jennifer Hopkins


Debora Crabbe, Bri Houtman, Carolyn Kashner, Mary Myers, Robert Pike, Matt Sparacino, & Joshua Williams


Kerry McGee (producing)

Makenzi Wentela (stage management)

Kerry McGee (graphic design)

Rachel Dixon (production management)

Jason Aufdem-Brinke (lighting design)

Camille Kashaka (assistant lighting design)

Robert Pike (sound design)

Jon Reynolds (set design)

Maria Bissex (costume design)

Keith Hock (dramaturgy)


Audiences must take a temperature check upon entering the venue. All audience members must remain masked throughout the performance. 


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