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Out-of-Town Ticket: Eastern Regional Championships July 15-16 in Clarkstown, NY

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Can't Catch the Excitement of the WPSL Eastern Regional Championships?

You Can Still Support RUAC Women's Team as They Battle it Out in Clarkstown, NY

This purchase won't get you into the game. It is not a ticket in the traditional sense. But this is an opportunity where you can still be a vital part of RUAC women's team journey by purchasing an "Out-of-Town Ticket." Your financial support will have a direct impact on the team as they aim to secure victory in this intense two-day, four-team playoff.

By buying one, two, or as many Out-of-Town Tickets as you like, you don't get to go to Clarkstown, but you will be enabling the RUAC women. Your purchase will go towards expenses such as meals, travel, and accommodations for the RUAC women. With your help, they can continue to dedicate themselves fully to the game and strive to reach the prestigious WPSL National Finals in Oklahoma City on July 21-23.

Out of Town Ticket Sponsor ($20) - Purchase an out of town ticket to help offset our playoff travel costs.

Your support matters! Together, let's cheer on the RUAC women's team and show them our unwavering support. Purchase your tickets now and be a part of their thrilling journey to championship glory!


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