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2019 Redwood Scottish Games

301 Chartin Rd, Blue Lake, CA 95525

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  • Amateur classes will be limited to 12 athletes!!!!  Spots filled on a 1st completed/received basis..
  • If by August 3rd fewer than 4 applications are received for a given class, said class will be eliminated and athletes may be asked to choose a different class for competition
  • Applications may be accepted after August 3rd, including field registration on a space available basis determined by Athletic Director.
  • Only society (SHA) implements will be used for competition

Pre-registration fees for athletic competition: $35 with a shirt and $25 without. To get the no-shirt rate, use CODE: noshirt, in the promo code when checking out. 

Any application received after August 3rd, $40. Field entries: $40 + gate entry

Registrations are non-refundable and non-transferable. 

Events Information:

Competition will consist of the following nine events:

Open Stone, Braemar Stone, Heavy & Light Hammers, Heavy & Light Weight for Distance, Caber, Weight over Bar & Sheaf.

Athletes must participate in all events to qualify for the aggregate awards. 

Aggregate ties will be broken by number of 1st, 2nd, etc in individual events. If still tied, Caber score will determine place.



  • Competition will be conducted in accordance to SHA rules.
  • Athletes must be 18 years or older to compete.
  • All athletes must wear the official games shirt provided and kilt (with undergarments) during competition.
  • Check-in time for all athletes begins at 8:15am at the Heavy Events field tent and will close promptly at 8:45am.
  • Competition starts promptly at 9:00am Athlete Meeting 8:55  (Weigh-in at scoring table during check-in. They may be done earlier if a judge is available.)


Refund Policy:

No refunds or returns.

Cancellation Policy:

In the event the venue cancels an event, you will be refunded within 4 business days of the event date for your purchase.

2019 Redwood Scottish Games poster
Perigot Park
301 Chartin Rd
Blue Lake, CA 95525