DIF - 8/9/17 Go! 8:00pm (100, HugSquared, Wilderness Girls, Quicksand, SODA School of Dramatic Acting, Grim Diesel, Fresh Sauce)

261 E. 9 Mile Road, Ferndale, MI 48220

From $10.00


HugSquared (Ferndale, MI) - HugSquared is a group of people that truly love each other and you can tell when they hit the stage. Always making it a point to meditate before going on stage.. SHHH that's a troupe secret! Sometimes they will open their show giving special hugs to the audience and end it with a big group hug onstage to get ready. Everyone in the troupe has had years of training and performing all over the Detroit and Chicago area. 

Wilderness Girls (Ferndale, MI) - One of Go Comedy's two 2016 Launch Groups, Wilderness Girls believes in using every part of the buffalo.

Quicksand (New York, NY) - James and Julia are an onstage and offstage duo who love to laugh and play

100 (Garden City, MI) - Garrett Fuller and Travis Pelto's love of rap music and talking shit to each other culminates in quick, character driven improvisation. 

SODA School of Dramatic Acting (Toronto, ONT) - Welcome to SODA School Of Dramatic Acting. Your training begins now. Some of Toronto's best actors create an electric theatrical experience that is equally hilarious and profound. Drawn together by their similar backgrounds in improv, clown, and physical theatre, SODA promises a uniquely nuanced approach to improvised comedy.

Grim Diesel (Toronto, ONT) - Grim Diesel performs a variety of unique forms - most recently "The club sandwich" -which incorporates long call-backs, teasers and dynamic scene work. 

Fresh Sauce (10pm)



Go Comedy! Improv Theater
261 E. 9 Mile Road
Ferndale, MI 48220