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DIF - 8/8/19 - Go! - 8:00pm (McGarnackle, Quicksand, Fish Dinner)

261 E. 9 Mile Road, Ferndale, MI 48220

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McGarnackle (Chicago, IL) Detective McGarnackle (Louis Hirsch) stops at nothing to make his city safe. He'll fight any Chief, rookie partners or deranged criminals--especially that Cortez!--(Orlando Lara) to make it happen. He'll make everything better. Or kill you trying.

QuickSand (New York City, NY) is a duo made up of James Quesada and Julia Schroeder. Their shows explore the natural comedy of human behavior. True to life characters and all of their joys, frustrations, hopes and fears are put on display just for a laugh! 

Fish Dinner


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Go Comedy! Improv Theater
261 E. 9 Mile Road
Ferndale, MI 48220