Apartment #10B

Crisis Rooms

20863 S. La Grange, Frankfort, IL 60423

Sat, May 25th, 2024 @ 2:35PM CDT (multiple times available)

Apartment #10B

Working as a private investigator for the Worldwide Investigations Network has been a challenging job, and you never know what the next case may bring. When the landlord of the apartment complex at 8240 Palm Terrace called you to investigate the goings-on in apartment #10B, you thought nothing of it. The tenant, a male in his mid-thirties, who works as a lab technician, and mostly keeps to himself, and didn't have many visitors would hardly seem to raise any eyebrows. However, the other tenants continue to report strange sounds late at night coming from #10B. This is why you were called in. The landlord has informed you that the tenant has stepped out for lunch and will return in one hour. You enter the apartment using the managers master key. Will you find what you need before he gets back, or will you get caught red-handed?


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Crisis Rooms
20863 S. La Grange
Frankfort, IL 60423