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ASUNA 100 - Keyboards

Contemporary Arts Center

44 East 6th St, Cincinnati, OH 45202

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In this landmark performance, celebrated Japanese sound artist ASUNA takes battery-powered, analog keyboards and uses them to create waves of overlapping notes: the Moiré effect of superimposed patterns, here used musically. The instruments are placed in the performance space in concentric circles, each with a stick pressing down on a single key to sustain its sound. As each electronic note joins the others, the effect is choral—unceasing voices in a fluid mass of beautiful noise.


How it all sounds varies depending on where you are, but everyone will feel the music slowly build to a climax. The experience of seeing minimalism grow into its opposite one single note at a time is sublime; the layers of complexity increase with every added note, and every moment is a change. In this performance, one stands before a wave of sounds that builds and builds without ever crashing.

“ASUNA's live performances are an experience; textured soundscapes that blur the lines between art and music.” – Tokyo Art Beat


Location: CAC 4th Floor

Duration: 80 mins

Time: APRIL 9 / 8:00PM

 APRIL 10 / 6:00PM

 (No traditonal seating. Stools will be available in performance area. Masks Required for this event.)


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ASUNA 100 - Keyboards poster
Contemporary Arts Center
44 East 6th St
Cincinnati, OH 45202