Butchers Bloody Acres

Buchers Haunted Attractions

167 Porter rd, Atwater , OH 44601

From $26.00

Fri, September 20th, 2024 @ 7:00PM EDT (multiple times available)

Experience the Terrifying Haunted Woods of Atwater Ohio!

Dare to brave the darkness and face the wrath of the butchers risen from the dead!

Step into a realm of horror and fear as you embark on a journey through the haunted woods of Atwater Ohio. The eclipse of 2024 has awoken the ghoulish powers of the butchers, who are determined to add new victims to their horde of monsters and ghouls. Board the hay wagon that will transport you through a portal to hell on earth, dropping you off at the entrance to the haunted woods. As you navigate the dark, poorly lit forest, keep your wits about you as shadows lurk around every corner and eyes watch your every move. Could that figure wearing a hockey mask be Jason Voorhees himself, or is it something even more sinister?

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Buchers Haunted Attractions
167 Porter rd
Atwater , OH 44601