Club Clue

204 W Woodlawn Road Suite D1, Charlotte, NC 28217

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Club Clue is a combination of two of our favorite things: a dance club with a little fun solving a whodunit! In this room, you will race against the clock to solve the crime of who killed Professor Pamplemousse. We have gathered the suspects for you and it is your job to interrogate them to find out - Who did it, when, and with what. You'll gather clues throughout the club, find possible murder weapons, and establish a time of the crime. While you race against the clock you will also have to compete with the club music which will be going on during your investigation. Can you drown the sound out and work with your team to solve the crime or will the culprit get away?


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The Door Escape Room.
204 W Woodlawn Road Suite D1
Charlotte, NC 28217