DIF11 8/09/24 Ringwald Theater 9pm

The Ringwald Theater (inside Affirmations)

290 W 9 Mile Road, Ferndale, MI 48220

From $25.00

Fri, August 9th, 2024 @ 9:00PM EDT

Peggy (Chicago, IL) Peggy, Peggy, Peggy, and Peggy start each show by inviting the audience in for a much-needed cocktail party with the gals and then weaving themes from that very soiree through what follows - a series of high-energy scenes with big characters and unwavering commitment.

Reindeer Tornado (Toronto, ONT) There is a certain sense of "I'm not sure what it is that I'm a witnessing, but I don't want it to end" that comes with a herd of reindeers starting a tornado. Be a part of safely exploring this phenomenon in this organized chaos of an improvised performance.

Worldbuilder (Cleveland, OH) "“Cleveland’s most fantastic Improvised Play!”

Played Out (Toronto, ONT) "Theater on-demand from world-class improv comedians. Three of Toronto's premier unscripted playmakers, Matt Baram, Naomi Snieckus, and Oliver Georgiou, invite brilliant actor-improvisers to build a world around us for a full-length, three-act, transcendent theater experience. Each show is a funny, gritty, beautiful unscripted play made just for you!"


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The Ringwald Theater (inside Affirmations)
290 W 9 Mile Road
Ferndale, MI 48220