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EvoTease Charity Festival is the inaugural rollout of what is expected to be an unforgettable weekend celebration of the performing arts, as well as celebration of various artists around the Los Angeles area. The weekend focuses heavily on dance, taking place in 3 Days, with each day being a different location and charitable cause. Friday's 2 Shows will take place at Magicopolis in Santa Monica, Saturday's 3 Shows will take place at Cinematic Pictures Group in Hollywood and Sunday's 3 Shows will take place at the El Cid in Silverlake. 

Percentage of Ticket Sales will go to an LA Women's Shelter, Pin-Ups on TourOpen Floor Dance Society and other LA projects/efforts that will benefit youth performing arts. 



EvoTease has been a vision turned passion project, evolving daily and always being supported by the most talented of perforerms and kindest of spirits, all pulling levers and pressing buttons at lightning speed to gift you all with 'an experience' unlike any other! And best part: procceds go to charity organizations. Burlesque, Poledance, Bellydance, Contemporary, Performance Art (and more) will all be represented in a variety of programming in the form of 8 Immersive Shows, taking place across 3 Days (Nov. 10th - 12th) and a 2 Century Spiritual Timeline: 1927 to 2127. 

"In these Demon Days and Neon Nights, 

Let us Help you Get Lost in the Light"



We are very proud to be partnered with Pin-Ups on Tour and Open Floor Dance Society. These groups respectfully providing entertainment as well as support to Sexual Assault Survivors, Veterans and Underprivileged Youth.  

Proceeds from each day will be gathered and donated to these three groups first and foremost, with any extra day of or backend percentages being distributed to various dance studios in an effort to fund projects that would benefit the youth performers. i.e., a studio receiving funds to repair their ceiling and construction rigging for aerial work options for their students. 



For Additional Festival Info/Contact visit EvoTease Home

For Show Info visit EvoTease Shows



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Would you like to reserve your Front Row VIP Lounge Seats with Priority Seating? Or how about able a Table (for 5) with a Complimentary Bottle (Champagne/Hard Liquor) and appetizers? Or your own personal suite? Don't worry several options are available per show to help you "Create Your Own Experience", whether your general admission or you want all the bells and whistles. "Get Lost With Us" in ultimate style!  




Sunday - EL CID


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