The Curse of Captain Killen

Killen Time Adventure Park

4051 US-72, KILLEN, AL 35645

Sat. July 20 | 6:00-7:30pm KID Laser Tag version (multiple times available)

Family Haunt Nights

The Curse of Captain Killen

Join us Saturdays, in July for a tour of the abandoned ship and the caves where the treasure has long rumored to be buried. See if you can find the treasure before you too become part of the legend.


6pm-7:30pm for our LESS SPOOKY version with KID'S LASER TAG to battle the pirates. Includes Sunken Pirate Ship and Treasure Cave Tour + Pirate's League Training: Pirate Meet & Greet, Pirate Temporary Tattoo Station and Pirate Training Adventure.

recommended for ages 11 and under

8:00pm-9:30pm for our MORE SPOOKY version FAMILY haunted experience at ARX MORTIS with LIVE PIRATE SCARE-ACTORS throughout. This haunt may be scary for younger kids.

*BOTH Events ENTER on the KillenTime Adventure Park entrance


In the year 1757, Captain Jacque Killen, a notorious pirate and his ruthless crew descended upon the unsuspecting town. Under the cover of darkness they raided homes, businesses stealing every last ounce of gold. As they made their escape, the captain's greed got the better of him. He decided to bury the gold on a nearby, secluded cave, intending to return later to retrieve it at his leisure.

However, fate had other plans. As Captain Killen sailed away, a violent storm engulfed his ship. The vessel was battered by monstrous waves, and as the thunder roared and the wind howled, the ship was torn apart, sinking into the abyss with all hands lost. The treasure, buried and forgotten, remained hidden on the land.

In the years that followed, strange occurrences began to plague the town now known as Killen. On foggy nights, townsfolk reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a ship, its spectral sails billowing in an ethereal wind. They heard the haunting cries of Captain Killen, calling out, luring the curious and the brave towards the water.

It is said that Captain Killen's restless spirit wanders the seas, forever cursed to search for his lost treasure. His ghostly ship appears to those who dare to seek the missing gold, tempting them with the promise of untold wealth. But once aboard, the townsfolk are never seen again, their fates sealed by the curse of Captain Killen.

Generations have passed, but the legend endures. The ghost ship of Captain Killen remains a chilling reminder of the pirate's greed and the town's dark history. To this day, the townsfolk of Killen live in the shadow of the curse, wary of the misty nights when the ghost ship might appear, luring the unwary into its spectral clutches, forever bound to the sea in search of the cursed treasure. Now you too are hearing the ghostly call to join the search.


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Killen Time Adventure Park
4051 US-72
KILLEN, AL 35645