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241Farmington Fright Fest 2024

Farmington Fairgrounds

292 High St, Farmington, ME 04938

From $25.00

Fri, October 18th, 2024 @ 7:04PM EDT


A Valentine's Moon Ticket Special! 2 for 1 any day of our October 2024 Run!

The moon hangs heavy and the howl for chills and thrills echoes on the wind. Listen close, for I speak of a date like no other, a hunt unlike any you've known. No deer nor rabbit in this quarry, but fear itself, lurking within the haunted house's walls!

Hearken to the reasons, why this fright-filled foray is perfect for your mate:

1. Courage bares its fangs: Will your beloved cower and whimper, or stand tall with you, fangs bared against the shadows? Witness their bravery bloom under the haunted moon, their trust in you strengthened with each ghoul they face.

2. Laughter like silver claws: Scream and shriek you may, but laughter shall follow close behind. Shared fright becomes playful banter, forging bonds stronger than any silver chain.

3. In darkness, love shines brighter: Huddled together, hearts pounding as one, the haunted house becomes a crucible for love. In the face of fear, your affection burns even hotter, a beacon in the shadows.

4. Memories sharper than teeth: This date shall etch itself in your minds, a tale whispered by the campfire, long after the ghosts have faded. A shared adventure, a test of courage, a love story told in shrieks and laughter.

5. The thrill of the hunt: Together you stalk the unseen, adrenaline pumping through your veins. Each haunted corner a challenge, each scream a victory cry. Unleash your inner wolves, hunt the fear together!

Remember, not all dates require roses and moonlight. Choose the haunted path, and your love might howl with delight! But heed this warning: ensure your mate enjoys the hunt. A terrified whimper is no serenade for love.

Now go forth, brave wolf, and claim your prize... a love strengthened by fear and laughter, a memory as sharp as moonlight on fangs. The haunted house awaits!


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Farmington Fairgrounds
292 High St
Farmington, ME 04938