Friday the 13th Evil-ution

1333 Tiffin St., Fremont, OH 43420

No upcoming date/times for this event.

Evolution; the process by which different kinds of living organisms are thought to have developed and diversified from earlier forms during the history of the earth.

In the past 32 years The Haunted Hydro Dark Attraction Park has came along way from its humble beginnings. Growing... changing... adapting.. Creating an EXPERIENCE not available anywhere else. Ever-changing attractions, themes and layouts that have been filled with a variety of horrific creatures and entities. The Horde of Monsters that call the Hydro Home also continously grows, changes and adapts. They come and go and the show grows.. it's intensifies. Manifesting FEAR as the SCARES become stronger and from every direction. 2022 our 33rd year these changes continue and we focus on increasing the fear factor and bringing new and unexpected scares providing a rush of adrenaline and screams from start to finish. The next stage of Evolution .. It's the Hydro Experience Evil-ution!

Friday the 13th Evil-ution poster
Haunted Hydro Dark Attraction Park
1333 Tiffin St.
Fremont, OH 43420