ADMIT ONE ep 1.03 "Clumsy Dancer" and "Coming Out" Private Screening w Filmmaker Q&A

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In this episode of Admit One:

Join us for a new episode of Admit One where we bring you private screenings with independent female filmmakers and their fans. In this episode we host actress/producer Tonya Kay and director Kenneth Castillo for a private screening of Clumsy Dancer and Coming Out, director's commentary and Q&A with filmmakers after.

About our special guests:

Kenneth Castillo, director of 7 features films and established filmmaker in the urban Latino genre, is also a coveted director with Dream Reach Media projects. His memoir, STEREOTYPICAL: My Filmmaking Journey from the Harbor to Hollywood, will be released summer of 2020.

Tonya Kay, Starred in and is Executive Producer on both films, Clumsy Dancer and Coming Out. Tonya Kay just wrapped three quarantine-friendly films as director and actress and you can see her latest release, The Ascension of Ava Delaine, on Amazon Prime.

What you'll see:

We start the conversation with Kenneth and Tonya Kay speaking to their creative inspiration and business goals.

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