Labyrinth Masquerade Ball XXIV

Millennium Biltmore Los Angeles

506 South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90071

No upcoming date/times for this event.

The Labyrinth Masquerade Ball is one of the largest masquerade balls in the world and celebrates creativity, enchantment and fantasy within the Royal Courts of Sypher.

The most amazing fantasy artists, costumers and dreamers gather once a year to bring a diverse host of characters, creatures and mythologies to life. The Labyrinth Masquerade is one of the few classical events open to those who dreamed of a surrealistic fantasy fading into a weekend of dance and revelry.

Music and visuals heighten your senses in this annual tribute to dreamers and imagination. Within our realms you'll find influences from Venetian tradition, Celtic faerie and goblin lore, and other stories of fantasy. The Labyrinth Masquerade continues to be a singular experience within which you may dance, explore and dream.

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COSTUMES REQUIRED : Costumes fitting the theme or black tie formal wear with a Mask are required. At the show's discretion you may be asked to keep your mask on throughout the night if you are in modern, black tie attire or to leave if you are unable to comply with our costume requirements. : Information about the masquerade

GOLDEN TICKET INFORMATION : For our Golden Ticket patrons who have forwarded tickets to future years, please reach out to us about the status of your tickets and if you'd like to use them for 2022 :


Refund Policy:

No refunds or returns.

Cancellation Policy:

Any hotel rooms booked at the Millenium Biltmore are fully refunded in case of event postponement.

Labyrinth Masquerade Ball XXIV poster
Millennium Biltmore Los Angeles
506 South Grand Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90071
(213) 624-1011