May the 4th Galactic Adventure!

The Solar Farm

4923 NW 6th Street, Suite A, Gainesville, FL 32609

From $30.00

Sat, May 3rd, 2025 @ 6:30PM EDT (multiple times available)

Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey to distant worlds and exotic realms! Ignite your cosmic sabers, don your finest attire from galaxies far away, and join us for an exclusive late-night galactic gathering!

Event Highlights:

Immersive Galactic Atmosphere: Step into a realm where the stars paint the sky and mysterious planets beckon with the promise of adventure. Explore interactive exhibits, encounter strange beings, and revel in the wonders of our galaxy.

Live Extraterrestrial Entertainment: Be captivated by enthralling performances featuring daring escapades, encounters with alien species, and displays of extraordinary abilities. Our cast of characters will transport you to worlds beyond imagination!

Exotic Spacefare: Satisfy your cravings with an array of tantalizing dishes inspired by the flavors of distant worlds. From exotic delicacies to classic favorites with a cosmic twist, there's something to delight every spacefarer's palate.

Cantina Canticle: Quench your thirst with an assortment of libations at our lively gathering spot. Whether you seek a refreshing sip or a potent elixir to fuel your adventures, our cantina has just what you need to keep the festivities going strong.

Market of Wonders: Explore a marketplace filled with treasures from across the galaxy, where you'll find artifacts, trinkets, and curiosities from distant star systems. Discover unique mementos to commemorate your galactic journey!

Prepare to set your coordinates for a night of adventure and excitement, where the stars will guide you to unforgettable experiences! Secure your tickets now and get ready to embark on a Galactic Odyssey like no other.



Refund Policy:

No refunds or returns.

Cancellation Policy:

An event can only be canceled by the venue and/or event organizer. If the venue or event organizer cancels an event, you will be refunded within 4 business days of the event date for your purchase.

The Solar Farm
4923 NW 6th Street, Suite A
Gainesville, FL 32609