(SOLD OUT) Nakamura.Ke Mobile Kitchen

483 Edgewood Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30312

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The Nakamura.Ke Mobile Kitchen

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*note: there will be gluten-free and vegetarian options available.

What is Nakamura.Ke Mobile Kitchen?

The Nakamura.Ke Mobile Kitchen is a mobile dining experience showcasing high-end glow in the dark food and cocktail created by award winning chefs and designers.

Unlike your typical setting, bar, or club the Nakamura.Ke {House of Nakamura} provides a totally immersive dining experience including theatrics, immersive lighting, storytelling, art, and folklore.

How does it work?

The dining experience in the mobile kitchen itself will take 30 minutes. When purchasing a ticket, guests will select a specific date and a specific 30 minute time slot to dine in the kitchen. Each ticket purchase reserves one seat at the mobile kitchen for one 30 minute duration (and one full dining experience). The kitchen seats seven people at a time; thus, guests may purchase up to 6 tickets per time slot.

All guests must be 18 or older.

When should I get there / how long should I stay?

Please arrive on site at least 15 minutes before your selected time frame. Upon arriving, you will be greeted by members of the Nakamura family and learn of their story as they explore the menu. You may also extend your visit (before or after dining.. or both!) with cocktails and small bites in our secondary bar space that will also be activated with an immersive, Nakamura feel.

What is Nakamura.Ke about?

Japanese folklore and familial love. In a story dating back five hundred and nine years, at the turn of the century, the Nakamura - a family of Yokai (supernatural beings) lived harmoniously among humans serving their beloved ramen to the spirits of the netherrealm.

One night, during a formidable storm, the moon engulfed the earth and the seven Nakamura children were lost from their parents. Without knowledge of the recipe or a figurehead to guide them, they, in their sadness were eventually forced to close the shop.

The Nakamura children recently re-convened, from all corners of the land, for a memorial to their lost parents. In a shock, suddenly the produce began to glow, and the stove turned on. Their parents were guiding them from afar to learn the Nakamura legacy and appease the spirits.

The children believe the more they create and serve this enchanted ramen, and serve it under the full moon, the closer they will come to finding their parents. And so, they travel the globe, in a search for the brightest full moon and hungriest humans, in hopes of a reunion. 

Who created the menu?

Created by London’s Bompas & Parr, all items at Nakamura are made with natural ingredients by this award winning global experiential kitchen. Food and drink will be prepared onsite at Nakamura and all cuisine and beverage are designed with a lumen aspect that heightens the senses.


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