Quiet Lightning / virtual literary mixtape curated by Anna Allen + Sophia Passin


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Quiet Lightning presents a literary mixtape featuring all forms of writing, curated through a blind process by Anna Allen and Sophia Passin into a one-night only performance featuring:

Morgan Liphart » John B. Oldenborg » Jessica Barksdale » Joseph Hardy » Morgan Liphart » Mike Horan » Joseph Hardy » Adam Cheshire » Tracy Porch » D. E. La Valle » Martha Stallman » Elizabeth Marino » Clara Olivo » Rose Menyon Heflin » D. E. La Valle » Madison Murray » Keith Mark Gaboury » Beatriz Seelaender » Jane Claire Bradley | Nicole Farmer » Celesté Cosme » Dawn Angelicca Barcelona » Maggie Bowyer » Morgan Liphart » Ed Phillips » Nathalie Khankan » Andre Le Mont Wilson » Jane Muschenetz » Shannon Lise » Cathleen Davies

The show is published as sPARKLE + bLINK 112, featuring cover art by Jillian Crochet!

Please note: this show is free and all ages (with mature content), but RSVP is required.


If you’re in a position to support us by making a donation please consider doing so. Or get a limited edition pocket-sized copy of the book! We pay everyone involved in the making and performance of these shows and never charge a cover. Thanks for doing what you can to invest in an equitable arts ecosystem! There are two easy ways to support Quiet Lightning:

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A note about the books: if we don’t sell out before we print our next book, the price will go down to $5/copy. You can order most of our back issues hereYou should also know: we make all of our books available to read and watch for free. For virtual events we are printing 75 books/show. 100% of all proceeds, donations or not, go toward local artists and independent businesses.


Anna Allen, from Stockton, California, is a performance poet. She’s been published in Sparkle and Blinklittle death litChronicling Lit and others. Her poetry reflects the darkness and light that has been part of her life from the beginning.

Sophia Passin can be found swimming in the bay on a sunny day. Sophia received her Bachelor’s in Creative Writing at the University of San Francisco, where she helped curate the 2018 and 2019 editions of The Ignatian Literary Magazine. A few pieces of hers can be found nestled in Paris Atlantic.

Can't make it? The show will be archived in video and full text, like all of our previous readings! Find them, along with a daily calendar of Bay Area literary events + more, @ Litseen.

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Featured image by Jillian Crochet, featured artist for sPARKLE & bLINK 112