RECORDED/ 01.31.2022 Henry Hornbostel's Impact on Pittsburgh

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Tue, February 1st, 2022 @ 9:00AM EST

Pittsburgh’s beautification efforts are ever evolving. Henry Hornbostel’s early twentieth century advancements in elegant architecture made Pittsburgh a leader in the City Beautiful movement. Employing his mastery of the Beaux Arts styles, Hornbostel won a series of design competitions–both locally and nationally. As architectural influences changed, Hornbostel adapted with his later work showing an original approach to design in the Art Deco style.  

Henry Hornbostel’s accomplishments within the region expand beyond architecture. Notably, he was the first Dean of the College of Fine Arts at Carnegie Tech (now known as Carnegie Mellon). He also served as Director of Parks and Director of Aviation for Allegheny County. 

Between his contributions to architecture and service to the community Henry Hornbostel deserves wider recognition, and storyteller Paul Tellers will explore why in this presentation.

YOUR STORYTELLER: Paul Tellers is an architect and planner. He was the University Architect at Carnegie Mellon University, the Director of Planning at WTW Architects, Facilities Planning Director for a CUNY College in Queens, New York, and a Project Manager for the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust.

Tellers serves as a guide for historical Pittsburgh tours for Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation, Rivers of Steel, Bike the Burgh, and DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh. Tellers is currently a docent at the Carnegie Museum of Art and a member of the Bach Choir of Pittsburgh.


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