RECORDED 11/23/2020 -City Stairs: Stepping Back Into Pittsburgh's History One Staircase at a Time

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We are known as the city of bridges, but did you know that Pittsburgh has the largest number of public stairways of any city in the US? 

City Steps were the first mass transportation system, designed to bring the workers from "the hills to the mills" that were located along the rivers. 

Learn more about these long-standing staircases that dot our neighborhood hillsides from Laura Zurowski. 

Laura began publishing her journey through the city's stairs in July 2017, and as of late-2020, has photographed and written about over 500 stairways. 

Sit back and enjoy the legacy of these staircases, with out having to climb them!

Tour Host: Laura Zurowski, author

The DOP Stories series, November 2020 - February 2021, is supported in part by: UPMC, Dollar Bank and The Benter Foundation


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