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Mon, April 22nd, 2024 @ 7:00PM PDT

Booksmith is thrilled to host a signing and meet and greet with Rob Anderson for his new book, Gay Science: The Totally Scientific Examination of LGBTQ+ Culture, Myths, and Stereotypes. More to be announced soon, but please save the date and join us!

About the book

Class is in session, babe! Discover the inner workings of the LGBTQ+ community with this humorous and informative book. Author and comedian Rob Anderson borrows the familiar science textbook format to skewer ridiculous queer stereotypes with his own version of science.

Using the principles of natural, social, and formal sciences, Rob answers extremely serious questions like: Why can’t gays sit in a chair properly? Why don’t lesbians have electricity in their movies? Are colleges turning people bisexual? How does gaydar work? Will bottoms survive the apocalypse? 

You’ll read about the three subtypes of the gay uncle species, examine the Periodic Table of LGBTQ+ Elements, understand gay crime and punishment, and get educated on the types of bacteria and viruses that exclusively affect the LGBTQs, like the state of Florida.

Inspired by his viral “Gay Science” series, Rob recreates some of his most popular episodes in a literary format, and also tackles completely fresh subjects, presenting them with super empirical and totally evidence-based homosexual data.

Gay Science includes:

  • Coverage of 60 topics across 29 fields of science including biology, chemistry, physics, genetics, botany, nutrition, astronomy, anthropology, oceanography, sociology, criminology, engineering, computer science, and more!
  • Informative sidebars including Get PrePared, The Tea, Serving Conclusions, The Gloss, Yas or Naur, Fagtoids, and A Lesbian Explains.
  • Diagrams, charts, illustrations, and maps to explain the gayest concepts.

Rob Anderson is course-correcting decades of educational shortcomings by explaining the scientific reasonings behind every aspect of LGBTQ+ life. If you’re looking for a fun book that will probably be banned (if it isn’t already), add Gay Science to your personal lesson plan.

About the author

Rob Anderson is a comedian and author who combined his love for science and gay culture into a viral digital video series called Gay Science, which became the inspiration for this book. The Gay Science series has been featured in Paper MagazineInterview Magazine, ABC News, NBC News, Good Morning America, and more. You may also recognize him from his viral video recaps of 90s movies and TV shows, like 7th Heaven.

Rob is the author of The Fergamerican National Anthem, a best-selling picture book based on Fergie’s infamous National Anthem performance. He has brought his comedy shows to sold-out audiences across North America and Europe. In 2023, he was named one of OUT Magazine’s 100 most influential LGBTQ+ people.

He loves science, board games, and an empty gym, and has eaten Fage Greek yogurt almost every day since 2011. He currently lives in New York City with his little senior Frenchie, Governor, and loves his mom, Pam, very, very much.

Please note:

  • Please note: this is a signing and meet and greet. A ticket is required for you to join the signing line.
  • We are happy to offer *signed copies* of Gay Science: order a ticket if you'd like to pick up a signed copy at the event, or order here if you just want a signed copy and no admission.
  • Masks will not be required to join the signing line, but are encouraged and we will have some on hand if you would like one.
  • Questions? Accessibility requests? Write [email protected].


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