Sound Healing with Keyanna

Phelps Art Center

15 Church St, Phelps, NY 14532

From $30.00

Sat, March 9th, 2024 @ 2:00PM EST

We live in a vibrational world. A world of frequency.

Frequency can either uplift us and make us feel better, or it can be draining and can weaken and dull our senses. By using sound healing intentionally, we have the opportunity to aid in our own healing processes, improve our well-being, and embrace higher consciousness. We will dive deeply into the science of sound while immersing ourselves in the healing vibrations of alchemy crystal singing bowls, sound healing instruments, and our own bodies as resonant chambers.

The power of sound can be deeply nourishing as it restores our mind, body, and spirit back to a state of balance. The vibrations emitted from crystal singing bowls entrain our brain wave patterns, calm our hearts, soothe our nervous systems, and harmonize and balance our chakras.

The Alchemy of Singing Bowls and Sound Healing is an experience designed to uplift your energy, align your chakras, soothe your anxiety, harmonize mind, body, and spirit, and help you feel centered and at peace as we enter the New Year.

Using the seven main chakras, you will journey through your subtle energy system to re-harmonize, energize, and enhance your well-being on every level — physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Through a blend of guided sound journeys, breathwork, gentle movement and meditation.

Enjoy this incredible journey with your guides Master Sound Healer Keyanna and enjoy the magic in applying innovative sound healing tin order to balance your energy, nourish your chakras, and manifest personal well-being.

Please bring a blanket, yoga mat, bolster, eye mask and water.

A crystal will be given to each person to help raise your intentions.


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Phelps Art Center
15 Church St
Phelps, NY 14532