Get Ready for Triad Gellyball!

Spooky Bottom Haunted Trail

6059 Union Grove Church Rd, Seagrove, NC 27341

From $199.00

Sat, May 25th, 2024 @ 4:00PM EDT (multiple times available)

Get Ready for a Thrilling Gellyball Battle Experience!

Experience the Fun and Safe Way to Shoot and Play with Gellyballs!

Step into a world of fun and excitement with Gellyball, the newest addition to the outdoor entertainment scene! Unlike any other game, Gellyball uses soft Gellyballs instead of hard and painful paintballs. And with a Gellyball Blaster's 750-shot capacity, the fun never stops!

The Game that doesn't Hurt!

Since the gellyballs are shot with very low pressure, they are essentially painless and feel like nothing more than a good snap of a rubber band, so gather your family, friends, and colleagues, and get ready to experience the thrill of shooting and playing Gellyball!

Safe and Biodegradable Gellyballs

Our Gellyballs are biodegradable and nontoxic, ensuring that they won't hurt the environment, plants, pets, or grass. The tiny absorbent beads expand into small beads when soaked in water, and they disintegrate or bounce off upon impact, leaving no stains or mess.

Gellyball Anywhere, Anytime!

We are offering onsite and mobile Gellyball operations, meaning we can bring the Gellyball party right to your doorstep! Whether you prefer hosting at our Gellyball course or your backyard, we'll ensure you have the best outdoor entertainment experience in town!

Book now and experience the thrill of Gellyball!


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An event can only be canceled by the venue and/or event organizer. If the venue or event organizer cancels an event for any reason OTHER than weather related issues then you will be refunded within 4 business days of the event date for your purchase. If you purchase ticket insurance you can receive a refund for any occasion that is covered under the refund insurance policy.

Spooky Bottom Haunted Trail
6059 Union Grove Church Rd
Seagrove, NC 27341