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Hippodrome Theatre

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The mission of TEDxGainesville is to highlight local individuals and stories to open minds and transform the Greater Gainesville community. A central goal of this year’s event is to explore origin stories and customs of our diverse local community and beyond, uniting our varied sectors and populations based on common ground and shared experiences. We will be assembling a panel of speakers and performers that embody the spirit of heritage and inspire our audience with new ideas. By unifying our community’s stakeholders in determination and resolve, we seek to strengthen the bonds that will allow our community to thrive and continue to grow.

🔍 Get to know this year's remarkable speakers:

Dr. Corey Cheval:

Bio: Dr. Cheval has travelled and performed across the United States and Brazil as an acrobat, singer and dancer since the early 2000s. As director of the Gainesville Circus Center, she shares her passion for performing arts with the next generation of young artists.

E. Stanley Richardson:

Bio: E. Stanley Richardson is a celebrated spoken word artist and activist. Through his powerful poetry, Richardson aims to ignite intention for positive change, inspiring audiences to reflect on their roles in creating a more inclusive and compassionate world.

Maryann Walsh:

Bio: Registered Dietician and Wellness Expert. Maryann holds degrees in Biological Sciences and Nutrition and Dietetics as well as a Masters Degree in Food and Nutrition. Maryann has lent her expertise to the Huffington Post, Shape and Men’s Journal as well as to news appearances on NBC, CBS and ABC.

Bonnie Habyan:

Bio: Bonnie Habyan is a marketing and branding expert, author, podcast host, and speaker. She is currently the CMO at a leading financial services company.

Michael Beard:

Bio: President and CEO at Elevated Leadership. He has hosted leadership development sessions for the past 10 years.

Adrian S. Weeks:

Bio: Former CEO of the first Soul Food franchise. Adrian brings with him the experience of leading his company through a forced Covid reset.

Dr. Matthew Courtney:

Bio: Dr. Courtney uses data and research evidence to help schools develop programs and measure results. He has supported schools in this endeavor since 2014.

Alleah Friedrichs:

Bio: Law of Attraction Coach. Alleah teaches clients to incrementally change the way they think about what they want, allowing them to master living how they want.

Stephen Courson:

Bio: Stephen provides financial and lifestyle design consulting to companies, non profits, organizations, and individuals. His work has lead him to observe alter egos and the ways people deploy them in life.

Sriram Natarajan:

Bio: Co-founder/CTO of a stealth-mode AI startup and former Engineering Lead at Google. Sriram will share his passion for AI and provide valuable insights into the world we are entering.

Rebecca Rolland:

Bio: Speech pathologist, author, and Harvard lecturer. Rebecca's book The Art of Talking to Children is currently being translated into 11 languages.

Linda Rocha:

Bio: Director of Development for Dance Alive and Real Estate professional with Keller Williams Realty. Linda's career is in itself a study in intention.

Join us for TEDxGainesville's Intention event on March 2, 2024, at The Hippodrome, where these incredible speakers will challenge and inspire you to live with purpose and make intentional choices that positively impact our world.


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