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Thana Alexa Ona w/ Antonio Sanchez ,Matt Brewer and Maya Kronfeld LIVE at Art Boutiki

The Art Boutiki Music Hall

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Surprising is the word that perhaps best describes Grammy® nominated and Downbeat cover artist Thana Alexa, an extraordinarily creative force in music. Her latest album, ONA (self-release, March 2020), which earned her two Grammy® nominations including Best Jazz Vocal Album, was inspired by the cross generational and cross-cultural stories of the immigrant women in her family and evolved into an exploration of the experiences of contemporary women everywhere. 

One of Alexa’s most important and ongoing collaborations has been with her husband, five-time Grammy® winner Antonio Sanchez. Together with his band Migration they have recorded three critically acclaimed albums and toured throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. 

This show will be presented both with a live audience as well as via the internet via Art Boutiki's amazing Live at the Art Boutiki online concerts. A Multi-camera and professionally mixed sound experience, Live at The Art Boutiki presented well over 90 high quality online concerts and returns for this show to bring Alexa and Ona to a global audience in a way that got has never been seen before.

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