"TUNNELS OF TEASE" A Prohibition-Era Burlesque Escape

4212 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90029

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Welcome to "Tunnels of Tease", the seventh show in EvoTease Charity Festival and what is proving to be the biggest of the Festival, with a double lineup of some of the biggest names in Dance/Burlesque, both in Los Angeles and Internationally. Taking place in the historic, The El Cid in DTLA, founded in 1924 and the building's Catwalk Basement serving as the perfect atmosphere to throw a period show, taking place in 1927 Prohibition Era Los Angeles. Lead by visiting performers: Scarlett James (Canada), Porcelain Alice (Australia) and Sammy Sparkles (Australia) AND a laundry list of Los Angeles Talent: Tonya Kay, Alyssa Marquez, Ruby Champagne, Miss May, Lili Faye, Ms. Spent Youth, Diamond Back Annie, Lili St. Byr (and more) it's quickly proving to be one of the biggest nights of the year! 



It’s November 12th, 1927. The Prohibition still wreaks havoc. When the country was forced to stay dry, beneath the city, the party never stopped! Beneath DTLA, rests 11 miles of unused transportation tunnel systems, transformed into the ‘People’s Paradise’. Speak-easies offering an array of the finest bathtub washes and gambling with a rising emphasis on tease and finally the girls taking the spotlight! Performers pulling out all the stops to offer extravagant outfits and characters. Competition is fierce; and if you’re a performer anything goes- especially when there’s no law underground. 14 Burlesque Powerhouses, presented in a rapid pace cycle show, featuring some of the biggest names in Los Angeles and Internationally! 



Percentage of Ticket Sales will go to benefit The Open Floor Dance Society. The Open Floor Society is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit whose mission is "to engage underserved youth in the art of improvisation to encourage self empowerment through movement, dance and music, fostered by a multi-cultural artistic community", and they've done a wealth of work with and for the various communities. Our team is confident that they will make the best use of our donation to them and we are quite happy and honored to have such a lovely group as our beneficiary. 



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VENUE - EL CID on Sunset

Since its creation in 1962, El Cid has been the premiere venue for Flamenco dancers in Los Angeles, and one of the very best in the entire world. El Cid was founded by dancers sick of not being able to best represent their desired artforms, so they formed their own venue and it now continues as a premiere event space in Silverlake. 



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El Cid
4212 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90029
(323) 668-0318