Up in Smoke (1978)

Senate Theater

6424 Michigan Avenue, Detroit, MI 48210

From $6.00

Sat, April 20th, 2024 @ 8:00PM EDT

Sat. Apr. 20 

Doors – 7:00 PM 

Organ Overture – 7:30 PM 

Film – 8:00 PM 

Tickets - $6 

1hr 26min | R | Comedy | USA 


Two dopes rip their way from California to Mexico and back again, evading the cops entirely by accident in Up in Smoke, a countercultural comedy of errors.  

Starring the stoner comedy duo, Cheech & Chong, this scrappy, meandering, low-budget farce burned bright at the box office in 1978, virtually creating a cinematic subgenre. With its enormous popularity it blazed the trail for every half-baked flick that has since risen from the ashes of the 1970s and remains a touchstone for a certain kind of high-minded film fan.  

We’ll see you on Saturday, April 20. 

But before you come, we’ll be blunt. While we know these guys are going to light up the joint with laughter, THE SENATE REMAINS A STRICTLY NON-SMOKING ESTABLISHMENT. Thank you for your cooperation in advance.  

Snacks will be available at the concessions stand. 



The Senate Theater and The Detroit Theater Organ Society is supported by The Michigan Arts and Culture Council and The National Endowment for the Arts. 

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Senate Theater
6424 Michigan Avenue
Detroit, MI 48210