Corporate Team Building Center - Escpe Adventure DC

You and your group will be escorted to the Top Secret Zombie Lab and take a tour with the professor. The Professor will be leading you and your group down to level 7 the subterranean complex when a disaster happens and the lab is locked down for the protection of the world. Don’t worry the Doctor has left clues for your group for just such a mishap, all you and your group has to do is stay alive long enough to solve a series puzzles and brain teasers far too hard for any mindless zombie to solve, and you will get free. This lab is one of the most demanding escape rooms in the country. You will meet the Professor who will guide you on your tour, however be aware the Professor may not be what they appear. They will escort you to the escape room and explain the rules and give you a few tips. Then once the group is in the room and the door locks you will have 1 hour to escape and the Professor will be of little help to your group. Small hints do not wear red, the Zombie get very excited when they see red, it reminds them of blood.

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Corporate Team Building Center - Escpe Adventure DC
12280 Wilkins Ave, Upper Level
Rockville , MD 20852